About Me

"Daniela’s feel for photography makes the difference between a picture and a photograph. In such places do we all find an organic natural ability to do what we do best, and taking a picture is hers. The ability to capture is almost shied by her ability to know when to capture, leaving her work to be more of the art of when and not of how. If perception were established by the amount of freedom in which imagination collides with reality, then she seems to know just the right time to say “freeze”.

Born and raised in Maracaibo Venezuela, both mother and father are distinguished artist in their community. Being the youngest of three in a family of artist, inspired the discovering the arts at an early age. But it was the camera that allowed her to find the beauty inside each capture, as if her goal was for the lens to photograph her eye and not the other way around. Photography is  where she finds herself the most at home.

Max Segovia. - Dear husband, life partner. 

What kind of photographer am I ?

I'm a visual artist, when I have my camera I'm in my happy place, I'm dedicated in studying the elements that have come together for each moment to happen, finding ways to play with composition is my passion, and delivering images that will take your breath away, is my goal. 


Where will my session be held?

Outdoors always! I love nature and working with the elements feels organic and effortless. I'm open to chat about other options, such as urban or city style, It's all part of this beautiful world. I'll propose a few locations depending on your needs and I'm open to hear suggestions as well.

How long will my session be?

Usually 1hour, depending on the type of session, It can be longer. My flat rates are for 1hr and we can chat more if you need more time. If you are inquiring for Wedding Photography, I offer packages starting from 2hrs for elopements and up to 8hrs for Weddings. Tell me more about your day and I will customize a package that fits your needs.

What will my session be like?

Fun! I I love having fun with my clients and creating an environment that feels safe and comfortable for everyone, I will be directing you on what you will be doing, so don't feel nervous! I totally got your back. I've been also surprised with situations in which the moments flow spontaneously in a way that requires little to no direction. Depending on what you want and the feel we are looking to capture. 

What should I wear?

I love neutral earthy colors, I find them to be specially helpful on keeping distractions away for the viewer, I try to avoid too vibrant tones or colors that might not match with the location, this will be something that we will chat about after you book your session with me!

What happens after I  book?

We will do a happy dance! And I will send you an email with confirmation on the dates and times, we will proceed then to have a phone call meeting to chat about locations, what want from the session, outfits and other details such a props, if necessary. I'll be in touch with you until the big day!

Will I get the digital photos from my session?

 Absolutely ! After the session I'll choose the best images and I'll start part of the editing process there, I'll send you the link with a password for you to access your personal gallery and choose from there the XX amount of images (depending on the package you choose) you want me to work on, I'll finish editing those images and load them as the finished product to the gallery for you to download in high resolution. 


Asheville, NC

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